Julia Prud'homme

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  • Upcoming Performances
  • "Z NATION" - Season 1, episode 6
    Murphy (Keith Allan) and I encounter each other in the bathroom of a building overrun with zombies. I beat the crap out of a Z with a table leg, but then Murphy abandons me, leaving me to be eaten by a trio of the undead.
  • "GONE GIRL" (now available on Amazon)
    "YOU'RE Nick Dunne?!" Ben Affleck and I get into a fight down at the police station.
  • "The Hole" at The Public Theatre in New York
    I just crossed one off my bucket list, as I got to work at The Public Theatre in New York city! Participating in "The 24 Hour Plays Honoring Nicholas Martin", I was in a piece called "The Hole" with Joel Marsh Garland (Orange Is The New Black) and Christopher Bowen (Blue Man Group). Two sexist disc jockeys at a radio station start to have problems when their new female co-host doesn't put up with their antics.
  • "The New Normal" - Tuesday, October 2, 9:30pm on NBC
    You can find me as barkeep Billie, serving up Chardonnay and sympathy to Ellen Barkin .
  • "Potential Space" - Thursday, October 11, 8:00 pm at Theatre of N.O.T.E. in Hollywood
    I'll be stepping in for Kirsten Vangsness (fan favorite 'Garcia' on "Criminal Minds") as the lead role, Dulcie, in the play Kirsten wrote, "Potential Space." "Potential Space" follows the girlwoman Dulcie as she navigates the humorous, sometimes heartbreaking, rocky roads of sex, love and self-discovery.
  • Praise for "The Fool and The Red Queen" at Padua Playwrights
  • LA Times:
    "... The Red Queen (hilarious Julia Prud'homme), a mad monarch whose favorite pastime is browbeating her lovelorn Fool..."
  • BroadwayWorld.com:
    "The acting in "Fool" is first rate... Prud'homme makes a perfectly monstrous, bitchy woman going through PMS - yet, she is completely fun and playful"
  • Backstage West:
    "The ferocious Queen is compared to Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction, and Prud'homme gives her a properly outlandish shape, she is by turns imperious, petulant and querulous..."
  • Eye Spy LA:
    "Prud'homme inhabits her queenly role... with droll humor and complete conviction while maintaining a fragile femininity"
  • LAist:
    "The actors all give inspired and highly nuanced performances. Julia Prud'homme is a consummate Red Queen, a maniacal, predictably unpredictable brute archetype that she boisterously commands."
  • Cinesnatch:
    "Broad, yet refined, the confident cast knows exactly what they're doing. Prud'homme takes full bites into her juicy role as the saucy, controlling Queen. Her appearance, as well as vocal delivery reminded me of Tilda Swinton."